Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crossdresser Dancers

HI, We are at here Nandini and Shaayna. We do all types of dance program in Jaagran, Kirtan,,,,,Any person who want arrange dance program , can contact with us.

Charges apply*

We do program like this. We do amazing and unbelievable performance, that you can't expect and never seen in this field. Our main motive only entertainment to people who believe in god. And we think this is god blessing for us that we serve and pray to god through this. Our mainly program in jaagran like:- 

                                                                                                 *      Shiv-Parvati Ji Ki Jhanki 
                                                                                                 *      Hanuman Ji Ki Jhanki
                                                                                                 *      Sai Baba Ki Jhanki
                                                                                                 *     Radha-Krishan Ki Jhanki
                                                                                                 *     Kali Mata Ki Jhanki *
                                                                                                 *     Many More....